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Did Someone Say Negroni Week?

A Bit Of Background… Negroni Week Eh? What is all that about? Well, in short – Negroni is a cocktail made from Gin, Campari and Vermouth. But it offers much more than just a delicate sip, Negroni week offers cocktail enthusiasts the opportunity to celebrate cocktail culture and show appreciation for the art of mixology.

Creative spirits distilled by chefs.
Spirits, The Tipsy Food Company

Make Your Mark | Join Our Team

Since launching in 2021, we’ve been on a quest to establish ourselves as a premium spirits producer, crafting a range of creative spirits using our knowledge of food and flavour. You can read more about our journey here. We are an ambitious team, excited about what the future holds but we know we can’t do

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Spirits, The Tipsy Food Company

Tipsy On Tour

David here… The team asked me to write a few words on what I have been up to this week, I thought I try to give you a bit of background on our export plans and growth abroad. Last year we identified that our collection suits the export market and we have since been actively

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Spirits, The Tipsy Food Company

Revving Things Up

We have been on the hunt for a new addition to add to the fleet and that addition has already started to make its mark (doesn’t have to work too hard when it looks like that eh!) Say hello to our new Defender, you might be forgiven for thinking that was a clever piece of

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Spirits, The Tipsy Food Company

Autumn is Here

You probably don’t need to be told by us, but Autumn is well and truly with us here in the UK. We’ve mainly noticed because as well as the leaves beginning to fall, the fact we’ve started closing the door while distilling because of the cold is the real signal that summer has given way

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Spirits, The Tipsy Food Company

The Tipsy Tasting Set

Inspired by the great tasting menus at our favourite restaurants, we thought it would be such a shame if spirit-lovers only had the chance to try one or two of our iconic Tipsy range. Or, to put it differently, it seems a shame to make all of these different spirits and not see our followers

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Spirits, The Tipsy Food Company

Barrel Aged Negroni

When you’re in the kitchen preparing for weddings and big events, some dishes just can’t be rushed, and require days of slow-cooking to create mouth-wateringly delicious flavour. Well, we think that some drinks are exactly the same, hence our excitement at the big reveal of our barrel smoked negroni, which has been maturing in oak

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Spirits, The Tipsy Food Company

Last of the Summer Strawberries

As chefs, we know that using the best fresh ingredients is the key to creating truly exceptional flavour. A big part of that is seasonality – and we plan our spirit production meticulously to ensure we’re getting all of our botanicals and aromats at their very best. Strawberries are the ultimate British summer fruit, which is

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Spirits, The Tipsy Food Company

Press Night – Legally Blonde

As part of our partnership with the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre, we were delighted to get our very own access-all-areas passes to the press night of this summer’s first six-week production, Legally Blonde. Unfortunately we didn’t have much time to sit around and watch the fantastic performance, as we’d already volunteered to serve creative

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Spirits, The Tipsy Food Company

Regents Park Open Air Theatre

We’re hugely excited to announce that we are partnering with the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre as their official spirits partner for 2022. As you’ve probably already seen we love working closely with London’s most iconic venues, and the Open Air Theatre was one of those truly unique places that we fell in love with