A black land rover parked in a field.

We have been on the hunt for a new addition to add to the fleet and that addition has already started to make its mark (doesn’t have to work too hard when it looks like that eh!) Say hello to our new Defender, you might be forgiven for thinking that was a clever piece of equipment that you are more likely to find on our still but oh no – it is our Land Rover Defender which we are about to convert into a mobile “shop” for all things Tipsy.

We caught up with David earlier this week as it is his new pride and joy. We thought we would ask him five questions:

1. What is it with you and Land Rovers (office joke that David loves Land Rover Defenders)?

Haha! Yes you are right, there was a certain inevitability about all this wasn’t there. I have been looking for an excuse to have a Defender and this seems the perfect reason!

2. Now really, why have we got that beast of thing?

We had a vision of creating a fleet of interesting vehicles that we would essentially use as mobile shops to show off our spirits and merch. We started with the VW Campervan (as below) and this is the next in line. You can expect to see it all across the country for events and tastings.

3. Is it ready to go?

It is not too far away from being all set, we have only just got it but the same company that converted the VW is going to convert the Defender. We have some pretty inspiring plans in terms of lighting, units and decor. Watch this space….

4. Where will see it?

We are planning to attend a number of large events and festivals along with prestigious sporting events. Whether it is a bottle, merch or a G&T – come and say “hello” when you see us.

5. What is next in the fleet?

Good question, not sure yet! Something aquatic sounds fun….

A woman is standing next to a blue vw bus.

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