Strawberries in a white bowl surrounded by green leaves.
As chefs, we know that using the best fresh ingredients is the key to creating truly exceptional flavour. A big part of that is seasonality – and we plan our spirit production meticulously to ensure we’re getting all of our botanicals and aromats at their very best.
Strawberries are the ultimate British summer fruit, which is undoubtedly what makes our Strawberry and Pink Peppercorn Gin such a perfect summertime drink! That means we have a bit of a race against mother nature here at the Tipsy distillery to create as much of our pretty-in-pink gin as we can during the hottest months of the year, when the strawberries are at their sweetest and most delicious. 
With the weather being as hot as it has (not so good for our lawn here at Tipsy HQ!), our local fruit pickers have had a great haul of fresh berries this year, so we’ve been able to make lots of our favourite summer tipple – hopefully enough to get us through the year! – meaning it’s the perfect time to grab a glass, tonic and some fresh strawberries for garnish, and enjoy the rest of this beautiful British summer. 

How about pouring yourself a drink?