A bottle of gin sitting on a bar.
Spirits, The Tipsy Food Company

Celebrating St George’s Day

We’re in a very patriotic mood here at Tipsy HQ, not least because some of us have spent the last few weeks following England’s cricket tour in the Caribbean! It’s also because, when the sun starts shining, we realise that there’s nowhere better to set up a distillery than here in England’s green and pleasant

A copper pot still is sitting in a room.
Spirits, The Tipsy Food Company

Not Standing “Still” – Part 3

It’s finally here! After all that blood, sweat and (not too many) tears, our brand new still is in place – and the gin is already flowing! We didn’t waste a second from installation to production – in other words, the minute the still was in place it was filled with botanicals and base spirit.

A man standing in a room with white tiled walls.
Spirits, The Tipsy Food Company

Not Standing “Still” – Part 2

The building work has been moving fast here at the distillery, as we prepare for the arrival of our brand new still. As you can probably tell from the photos our office store cupboard is no more (meaning we’ll have to find somewhere else to store our ever-growing collection of branded clothing) and walls have

A man is holding a drill in front of a green wall.
Spirits, The Tipsy Food Company

Not Standing “Still” – Part 1

Yes, the pun is pretty shocking. But the point is very true – we’re a super-ambitious business, and love that our growth over the past 18 months or so has given us the chance to invest a bit more and build the company further. In other words – never standing still. Because of the ever-growing

A wicker basket filled with various items.
Spirits, The Tipsy Food Company

Get Ready for Mothers’ Day

These days there are loads of important dates to remember (although Aaron’s begged us not to make too much of a fuss on National “Kiss a Ginger” day), but we think Mothers’ Day is one of the most important of them all. This year, we’re determined to make it as easy as possible for you

A bottle of perfume surrounded by flowers and leaves.
Spirits, The Tipsy Food Company

Creative Combinations – Africa meets Kent

While we often stick to classic time-honoured food combinations to create our kitchen-inspired spirits, we’re also sticking to our first new year’s resolution to try new things in 2022. This means heading back to the kitchen, trying out different combinations, and seeing what works best. In other words, the reason we all became chefs in

A bottle with a red liquid inside.
Spirits, The Tipsy Food Company

Dates or Mates – Drink Together

As part of our new year’s resolution to get everyone together again, we’ve made it easier than ever to win a free 50cl bottle of our super-romantic (or super-unromantic, if you prefer) Strawberry and Pink Peppercorn Gin. Whether it’s a couples-night-in or a lads night out, tag your February drinking partner for a chance to

A bottle of pink gin sitting on a table.
Spirits, The Tipsy Food Company

Valentines Day – Make it Personal

This Valentine’s Day, we’ve made it easier than ever to find a gift that’s personal, thoughtful and, ultimately, delicious! Our strawberry gin is always perfect for a date night, and the simple flavour combination for fresh English strawberries and punchy pink peppercorn has proven to be a near-universal favourite. That means it’s the perfect Valentine’s

A glass bottle sitting on a table in front of a mirror.
Spirits, The Tipsy Food Company

(London) Dry January

It’s fair to say that dry January isn’t for everyone – and naturally we think you can still do the New Year’s resolutions and emergency diets without giving up on your favourite tonic.  In fact, it’s been scientifically proven (by people much cleverer than us) that sometimes “everything in moderation” is the best way to

A table with a bottle of gin and a slice of lemon.
Spirits, The Tipsy Food Company

Cocktail Masterclasses – Getting Creative!

We’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the UK’s biggest brands recently, creating unique and delicious cocktails at all sorts of awesome events, from video game launches to music concerts. As an extra-special treat, some of those companies have asked us to run cocktail masterclasses for their teams. For this week’s masterclass, we

Two bottles of gin sitting on a rock next to the ocean.
Spirits, The Tipsy Food Company

11 Botanicals – That’s All

We’re not going to lie, we often have a little chuckle when we hear gin companies bragging about using 10million botanicals in their recipe (slight exaggeration, but you get the point!). Apart from the fact that using loads of different flavours makes the distilling process so much harder, we also know that when flavour is

A mountain gorilla sitting in the forest.
Spirits, The Tipsy Food Company

A Cheeky Netflix Recommendation…

We were so excited when we came across the film Virunga – the inside story of the battle for the incredible national park – on Netflix. The sometimes harrowing, but always inspiring, footage gave us clear first hand evidence of why using our Honey Rum to do our bit is so important. The honey we use

Three glasses with raspberries and pansies in them.
Spirits, The Tipsy Food Company

Sparkling Strawberry Ice Imperial

Today’s cocktail inspiration comes in the form of our Sparkling Strawberry Ice Imperial, a reminder of Summer when the frostbite kicks in! We love using these tall ‘sling’ glasses, but a champagne flute works just as well. On that subject, if you’re really celebrating, why not substitute the pink peppercorn tonic for a dry prosecco,

Two women toasting with drinks at a bar.
Spirits, The Tipsy Food Company

Getting Back Together

Given what we’ve all had to go through in the last couple of years, our third and final new year’s resolution felt even more important than usual – getting back together with friends, family and the people who make us smile! At The Tipsy Food Company, we make spirits with the aim of bringing people