A wooden barrel with the word tryy painted on it.
When you’re in the kitchen preparing for weddings and big events, some dishes just can’t be rushed, and require days of slow-cooking to create mouth-wateringly delicious flavour. Well, we think that some drinks are exactly the same, hence our excitement at the big reveal of our barrel smoked negroni, which has been maturing in oak barrels for just over two months.
A negroni is a traditional Italian cocktail made up of three parts: Campari, vermouth rosso, and gin (naturally we think our London Dry works particularly well…). Traditionally stirred rather than shaken (sorry Bond fans!) then served over ice, the negroni has an incredibly powerful flavour, perfect as an aperitif or late-night cocktail.
We always like to add a cheeky little twist to our drinks, which is why we age our negroni in oak barrels for seven to nine weeks. This gives the negroni a rich smoky flavour which we think compliments the vermouth perfectly, adding a warm oaky after taste to this classic cocktail.

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