A bottle of gin in front of a building at night.

David here… The team asked me to write a few words on what I have been up to this week, I thought I try to give you a bit of background on our export plans and growth abroad.

Last year we identified that our collection suits the export market and we have since been actively exploring all options abroad. In broad terms that means working hard to identify probably importers in various countries where our collection would sit well within their portfolio. We have been having lots of conversations with importers and I visited Warsaw in Poland in November for a spirits festival and I am just about to jump on a plane back from Prague – I have a number of other visits in the diary over the coming weeks and months.

At the conventions there are many household names along with up-and-coming spirits brands like us. One thing I love about these events is that we get to talk to people who really know what they are talking about and I love gathering their thoughts on our collection. 

The goal for us is to create a relationship with a local importer who see a gap in the market within their country for our collection, there is no doubt that those importers love the fact we are quintessentially British and I keep hearing that our London Dry bottle with all the Royal references are particularly interesting given the Coronation later this year.

The rest of the team often comment “ohhhh, David is off on another jolly” I am quick to remind them that it is pretty hard work and I often return thinking a rest is a good idea but actually I come back more enthused than ever. For example at yesterday’s BarShow in Prague, I chatted to roughly 15 importers and am having further conversations with 8 of those – I am hopeful we can create a relationship and we will see our bottles on sale in the Czech Republic soon. Take a look at the video below from BarShow 2019 (the last time the event took place with worldwide exhibitors due to covid restrictions).

Keep your eye on the journal for future trips and hear more about our growth plans. 

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