A bottle of gin in a box next to a brick wall.
Inspired by the great tasting menus at our favourite restaurants, we thought it would be such a shame if spirit-lovers only had the chance to try one or two of our iconic Tipsy range. Or, to put it differently, it seems a shame to make all of these different spirits and not see our followers enjoying the full range!
For this reason, the chefs at Tipsy HQ have created our very own tasting menu in bottle format – a beautiful little gift box containing taster bottles of four of our favourite Tipsy spirits. We think this provides the ideal tasting journey for spirit lovers young and old, and for that reason is a pretty awesome gift too! From our signature London Dry and rich Sloe gin to our fruity Strawberry and Pink Peppercorn Gin and iconic Virunga Honey Rum, there’ll definitely be one that emerges as your new number one drink.
We’d love to hear which of these four delicious spirits you enjoyed most, so post your “free spirit” moment on instagram and tag us in for the chance to receive one of our regular “thank you” prizes.

Give it a try