A bottle of perfume sitting on a pile of leaves.
You probably don’t need to be told by us, but Autumn is well and truly with us here in the UK. We’ve mainly noticed because as well as the leaves beginning to fall, the fact we’ve started closing the door while distilling because of the cold is the real signal that summer has given way for another year!
While all of this talk of cold mornings might give the impression that we don’t love Autumn here at Tipsy HQ, the truth is actually very different. For chefs, the changing of the season is an exciting time to play with new ingredients and indulge in hearty, warming dishes. On the drinks front, we’re loving watching our orders gradually shift from fruity, refreshing summer gins to rich and warming Autumn and winter favourites.
This is the time of year when our Virunga Honey Rum really comes into its own, with its rich flavour and gentle spice. The unique Virunga honey we use not only gives a deliciously sweet and intense flavour, but also helps protect gorilla habitats in one of Africa’s most beautiful national parks. Find out more about our unique honey and how we are using it to “do our bit” here.

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