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A Bit Of Background...

Negroni Week Eh? What is all that about? Well, in short – Negroni is a cocktail made from Gin, Campari and Vermouth. But it offers much more than just a delicate sip, Negroni week offers cocktail enthusiasts the opportunity to celebrate cocktail culture and show appreciation for the art of mixology. It’s a time to recognise the dedication and skill of bartenders who masterfully create one of the world’s most iconic and loved cocktails.

In 2013 Imbibe Magazine launched Negroni Week as a celebration of one of the world’s great cocktails and an effort to raise money for charitable causes around the world.

Since then, Negroni Week has grown from about 120 participating venues to thousands of venues around the world, and to date, the initiative has raised over $4 million for charitable organizations.

Charitable Support - Slow Food Movement...

Slow Food is a wonderful organisation very close to our hearts and is heavily supported by Negroni Week.
Slow Food said in a recent interview “we envision a world where everyone can enjoy food and beverages that are good for them, good for the people who grow and produce them, and good for the planet.”

Slow Food defends cultural and biological diversity, promotes food education and the transfer of traditional knowledge and skills, and advocates for more just and equitable food policies. Among Slow Food’s many programs are the Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance, Coffee Coalition, Wine Coalition, and Snail of Approval — active networks that are passionate about creating food and beverage spaces that are good, clean and fair for all.

Thanks to the funds raised during 2022 Negroni Week, we will be able to enhance the many Slow Food global programs and to provide direct support to 33 local community-led projects which are leading the transformation of the global food and beverage system in 23 countries worldwide
Let’s discover them together!

Slow Food plays a big role in day-to-day things at the distillery, did you know that David is a member of the Slow Food chef alliance – rubbing shoulders with the great and the good of the London food scene. Take a look at what The Cater had to say when he was inducted back in 2012.

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