• Virunga Honey – Sip It / Burn It


    Virunga Honey Rum (50cl)

    Our chefs wanted to create a unique rum that tasted totally different to the other spiced rums on the market, so we spent ages trying out all kinds of ingredients all over the world. Eventually, we stumbled across Virunga honey from Rwanda, and instantly knew it was a hit! This amazing rainforest honey has a completely unique flavour, and gives our classic Caribbean-style rum a warm sweetness and rich flavour. Partnered with our infusion of coconut and kaffir lime, we think it’s definitely a winner!

    A Tipsy Candle

    Created using our iconic bottle design our candles compliment our range of spirits. The candles are rich with spice and tropical notes, as well as the distinct scent of Virunga Honey.
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  • Tipsy Tasting Set – 4x5cl

    Inspired by the great tasting menus, we decided to create the perfect way for you to get the full Tipsy experience. Our Tasting Set gift box is a journey through all the flavours from our kitchen, from our fresh and gentle Strawberry and Pink Peppercorn Gin and exotic African Mango Gin to our rich and sweet Sloe gin and truly unique Virunga Honey Rum.
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