We’re in a very patriotic mood here at Tipsy HQ, not least because some of us have spent the last few weeks following England’s cricket tour in the Caribbean! It’s also because, when the sun starts shining, we realise that there’s nowhere better to set up a distillery than here in England’s green and pleasant lands.

Our signature gins celebrate the best ingredients this country has to offer, and we try and get as much from our little smallholding and local area as possible. Whether that’s the rosemary and mint from our herb garden or the strawberries grown just down the road in Kent, our South-East larder provides us with amazing ingredients to play around with and create some amazing drinks.

Our production process also uses great suppliers from across the UK. Our iconic designs are screened onto the bottles by a brilliant printer in Burnley, while all of our gift boxes are produced down the road in Reigate. 

Anyway, the point is that England is the best place to do so many things, one of which just happens to be distilling craft spirits. This weekend we’re going to be sitting on the lawn next to our office, clinking gin goblets, and wishing the whole team a very happy St George’s Day!

The Londoner's London Dry