It’s finally here! After all that blood, sweat and (not too many) tears, our brand new still is in place – and the gin is already flowing!

We didn’t waste a second from installation to production – in other words, the minute the still was in place it was filled with botanicals and base spirit. We’ve been working on a few brand new flavour combinations in the tipsy kitchen, so the team couldn’t wait to start distilling!

So, what to do first? We’ve been working closely with one of the venues we supply (more info coming soon!) to create a bespoke gin, inspired by the roses grown at their venue. Because of this, the new still’s first creation was a delicious rose and rhubarb gin, celebrating the best of the English summer. Ok, it’s not summer yet, but at least the sun is shining!

Our new still is located right next to our kitchen for a reason – get ready for a whirlwind ride of experimentation and creativity. From Michelin Star to Behind the bar!