So, having heard that we’re installing a brand new still in the middle of our (previously neat and tidy) office block, lots of people have asked us the obvious question – what’s it all about?

Well, the first answer is one we’re really proud of: quite simply, more and more people seem to be enjoying our spirits and ordering bottles from us, which means we need to up our production capacity to meet the demand. A nice problem to have, sure, but why are we tearing our office to pieces in the process?

As you know, we’re proud of our team’s Michelin-starred backgrounds, and want to make sure we stick to the ethos of “spirits from the kitchen”. Maybe we’ve taken it all a bit too literally, but we thought the best way to make sure our gins, rums and non-alcoholic spirits came straight from the kitchen was to instal a still right by the door! With the journey from the pass to the still now only about 12 inches, we’re making it easier than ever for our chefs to experiment with new flavour combinations and create exciting new spirits. 

So that’s the logic: more volume, more creativity, and a cast-iron guarantee that every delicious Tipsy drink comes straight form the chefs in our kitchen.