Yes, the pun is pretty shocking. But the point is very true – we’re a super-ambitious business, and love that our growth over the past 18 months or so has given us the chance to invest a bit more and build the company further. In other words – never standing still.

Because of the ever-growing demand for our range of foodie craft spirits, we’ve bought a brand new 50 litre still, which will help us increase production of our signature range. 

Crucially, we’re installing this new still (various names under consideration – to be revealed soon!) right next to our kitchen, meaning the journey from idea to creation is only a few feet! The new still gives us even more opportunity to get creative and try out different foodie flavour combinations, so expect to see all sorts of ideas being thrown around! 

Thankfully we’ve got the ideal man for the job… wholly unqualified, but but full of enthusiasm. Keep an eye on this blog for regular updates about the installation of our new still!



When we launched The Tipsy Food Company we were keen that it would give something back. We were thinking of ways we could do something meaningful and we were thinking about like minded charities, given we are all about liquid it seemed sensible to think about water. We are delighted to have partnered with Dig Deep, we are in awe of the work they do and really pleased that we can play our part.

By buying just one bottle of gin, you can provide a clean water tap to a school. For a child, this could mean the difference between dropping out of primary school and completing their full education.

Ben Skelton, CEO of Dig Deep

Dig Deep

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