While we often stick to classic time-honoured food combinations to create our kitchen-inspired spirits, we’re also sticking to our first new year’s resolution to try new things in 2022. This means heading back to the kitchen, trying out different combinations, and seeing what works best. In other words, the reason we all became chefs in the first place!

We’ve tried out loads of different foodie combinations; some successful, others less so (to put it mildly!). Our favourite to date is undoubtedly the combination of rich and fruity mango from the East African coastline, and fresh cucumber from the English countryside. This is a combination that none of our team had ever tried before, and came from an idea we had about combining the exotic with the homely – something very English, and something very un-English! 

We think this combination works because of the balance between the bold flavour of the mango and the cool, refreshing flavour of the cucumber. Add in a bit of mint to give that true “English garden” flavour, and we think you get a drink that is delicate, drinkable and full of flavour. Cheffy creativity in a bottle!