Back in the eighteenth century, Britain was hit with a dangerous “gin epidemic”, which sounds a bit more fun than the pandemic we’re living through, but was in fact really dangerous and disruptive! Cheap and easy to make, gin was being distilled and consumed in unbelievable quantities – with an estimated 10 million gallons being distilled annually in London alone! Unfortunately, safety standards weren’t very strict back then, so the gin being sold all over the place was often very dangerous, and rendered many men impotent and women sterile – hence “Mother’s Ruin”. 
Thankfully, we’ve all moved on quite a bit since then, and the production of gin is much more tightly controlled! London Dry gins, like our signature Tipsy Gin, are subject to particularly tight regulations. Gin distillers these days also pay a bit more attention to flavour – ours, for instance, is distilled with elderflower and heather, with the added punch of hibiscus and pink peppercorns in the infusion test tube!

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When we launched The Tipsy Food Company we were keen that it would give something back. We were thinking of ways we could do something meaningful and we were thinking about like minded charities, given we are all about liquid it seemed sensible to think about water. We are delighted to have partnered with Dig Deep, we are in awe of the work they do and really pleased that we can play our part.

By buying just one bottle of gin, you can provide a clean water tap to a school. For a child, this could mean the difference between dropping out of primary school and completing their full education.

Ben Skelton, CEO of Dig Deep

Dig Deep

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