Here at The Tipsy Food Company, we take our responsibility to look after our planet very seriously. That’s why we’re committed to being carbon-neutral by 2025, so that we can be proud in the knowledge that we’re leaving our world in a better place than we found it.
So what does this mean in practice? For a start, we’re making sure all of the materials we use – including the glass bottles housing our spirits, and all the boxes used to transport them – are 100% recyclable, and are sourced from previously recycled materials wherever possible. We’re also using as many local suppliers as possible in order to lower our carbon emissions, and making sure no alcohol goes to waste (I don’t just mean drinking it – we also send it off to be turned into hand sanitiser!). 

If you’ve got any suggestions about how to make our business more sustainable, we’d love to hear it! 

Where can I find the bottles?


When we launched The Tipsy Food Company we were keen that it would give something back. We were thinking of ways we could do something meaningful and we were thinking about like minded charities, given we are all about liquid it seemed sensible to think about water. We are delighted to have partnered with Dig Deep, we are in awe of the work they do and really pleased that we can play our part.

By buying just one bottle of gin, you can provide a clean water tap to a school. For a child, this could mean the difference between dropping out of primary school and completing their full education.

Ben Skelton, CEO of Dig Deep

Dig Deep

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